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Commercial law has developed from the law of merchants who could no longer carry out their work within the framework of classic civil law due to the specifics of their activity. Throughout its long period of development, commercial law has become one of the most multi-branch areas of law. It is clear that commercial law is actually the engine of legal development today, continuously evolving and adapting to the needs of business and commercial transactions. It represents the biggest challenge to every serious attorney at law since it offers a lot of specific legal and economic knowledge.

Our legal office prides itself on the very area of law. We have managed to keep track of the development of corporate legislation, adapt and continue to provide our clients with the right solutions to their issues.

Due to the diversity in the area of commercial law, we shall only briefly introduce our basic areas of expertise:

  • establishment of all types of commercial companies,
  • amendments to the statute, partnership contract and articles of association,
  • legal operations related to the changing of a company’s share capital,
  • status restructurings of companies,
  • advice on the winding-up of companies, etc.
  • business consulting to foreign and Slovene companies,
  • preparation and review of various commercial contracts (on intellectual property rights, construction and building, domestic and foreign trade, etc.),
  • financial engineering,
  • protection of minority shareholders,
  • representation at general meetings,
  • representation of business entities before the court, etc.